are you a Service provider wanting to fill shifts with reliable, highly skilled Nurses or doctors?

Finding the right nurse can be extremely challenging.

Non-stop calls from agency recruiters, mountains of paperwork, a lack of transparency and enormous fees all make working with agencies difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Move over agencies – its time for something better.

why join nightingale?

Primary care providers, GP federations, social care providers and care homes all love using Nightingale to find great nurses, GPs and other healthcare professionals to fill their shifts.

Nightingale is quick, easy to use and costs up to 40% less than using a recruitment agency. Quality and engagement of nurses and GPs is higher, too: choose your favourites based on performance and ratings in previous shifts.


Book nurses directly


Agree shifts, rates and build your own bank

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Cut out middle men and reduce your agency spend to zero


Hours can be tracked and approved instantly on any device


As an independent practice or a large service provider, anyone can use Nightingale to post shifts for free. You only pay after you use it. Huge financial savings - up to 40% less than using an agency - mean more resources are available where you need them most; your healthcare services and patients in need.


It’s quick and easy - we can even do it for you!


Based on availability, location, skills and pay rate


All confirmed on the platform: no paper, no admin and up to 40% cheaper than agencies