Are you a Nurse looking for great shifts at a Time, Place and Rate that’s perfect for you?

Non-stop phone calls from agency recruiters, mountains of paperwork and a lack of transparency make it difficult to find great clinical work.

What’s more expensive agency recruiters are costing hardworking nurses and service providers Thousands of pounds each year, all at a time of severe staffing shortages.

Move over agencies – its time for something better!

why join nightingale

Nightingale is a completely free online platform that directly connects nurses and service providers for shifts, completely removing expensive agencies from the staffing process.

Nationwide coverage including some of the best primary care providers, GP federations and care homes in the UK means all nurses love using Nightingale to find great shifts.  

Using your skill set and preferences, Nightingale will match you to the perfect shift. And no more agencies mean you earn more and keep 100% of your agreed rate!




Nightingale is not an agency, so you are not just a number.  Build your own personalised profile in minutes listing your clinical skills, preferred rate of pay and travel distance plus a little something about you.  


Enter your availability and get instantly matched to your perfect shifts!  Earn up to 20% more than working with agencies. 100% of your agreed rate is paid directly to you.


And say goodbye to time consuming admin and agency mistakes; hours worked are automatically approved and submitted for payment instantly so you always get paid on time.