find great locum shifts minus the agencies, the paperwork and the hassle.

For GPs, it’s natural to demand the highest quality care for patients. It’s also perfectly reasonable to want some work/life balance. Now you can achieve both with great locum shifts minus the agencies, the paperwork and the hassle.

Non-stop phone calls from agency recruiters, mountains of paperwork and a lack of transparency can make finding great locum work difficult.

What’s more, expensive agency recruiters are costing GP practices and service providers thousands of pounds each year, meaning cuts to salaries, staffing and patient services - and all this at a time when funding cuts mean the NHS is already under significant pressure.

Move over agencies – its time for something better!

why join nightingale

Nightingale is a free online platform that directly connects GPs and service providers for locum work, removing expensive agencies from the staffing process.

We work nationwide, listing locum opportunities for some of the best GP federations, out of hours services and primary care providers in the UK.

We provide an easy-to-use online marketplace accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can say goodbye to paperwork. And no more agencies mean you earn more: 100% of your agreed rate.




Just as Nightingale is more than an agency, you’re more than a number. Build a personalised profile in minutes listing your clinical skills, rate of pay and distance you’re willing to travel. Plus add a little something about you - we’re interested in the person behind the CV.


Enter your availability and be matched instantly to your perfect locum work. And because 100% of your agreed rate is paid directly to you, you’ll earn up to 20% more than you would working with an agency.


Say goodbye to time-consuming admin and agency errors. With Nightingale, worked hours are approved and submitted for payment automatically so you’re always paid on time.

Do what you trained to do: be a great GP.