No More Agencies

Connecting healthcare professionals with the work they want and service providers with the professionals they need.


what is nightingale?

Nightingale’s online marketplace directly connects nurses, GPs and other healthcare professionals with service providers and shifts without the need for recruitment agencies. 

We give power back to the professionals by cutting out recruiters and exploitative agency fees.

It’s time for something better.

"turbo-charging a digital revolution within healthcare staffing"

— Digital Innovation Director

Nightingale gives you freedom

To sing your own praises. Tell service providers about your experience, skills and professional interests directly, with no unnecessary middle-man.

To have control. Agree your own shifts and rates of pay based on your preferences and availability.

To earn more. No more agencies means you receive 100% of your agreed rate - up to 20% more than you would with an agency.


Simple and Easy to use on any device

We connect talented nurses with regular, high-paying work via our transparent and easy to use platform

Find shifts that are perfect for you in just a few clicks

Forget about timesheets - hours worked are auto-approved and submitted for payment instantly so you always get paid on time

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”Nightingale is a great online platform for GP's such as myself to connect with service providers and find great, higher paid locum work at a time that suits me best. The Nightingale platform is so quick and easy to use it gives me some precious time back to focus on other parts of my life!“

  • Dr Pooja, Locum GP


“Nightingale is a truly brilliant way for me to search for new shifts, based on my skills and preferences and at a time that suits me best.

With all the travelling I do for work, plus looking after my young family, I just don't have the time to speak to the traditional agencies anymore. By using the Nightingale platform on my mobile wherever I go I am able to find my new shifts quickly and easily. No paperwork, no admin, no hassle. Its great!”

  • Ruchi - Care Home Nurse

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get started

To find and book shifts with Nightingale you must be allowed to work in the UK, have worked as a GP or registered nurse (RGN or RMN) for at least one year and have up-to-date documents.

That's it.

Nightingale has nationwide coverage and is working with many of the best known primary care providers, GP federations, social care providers and care homes in both the NHS and private sector.

Got all your documentation to hand? You can start booking shifts today.

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